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The 4.5-28x50 took almost 2 years to complete. It was intended for multiple applications. The new GAP reticle makes it a premiere candidate for PRS competition being designed with substantial contributions from PRS shooters, offering multiple points of holdover for wind and bullet drop, measurements and ranging, as fine as 0.1 Mil spacing. The mechanics are perfectly tensioned with no slap whatsoever, and leave no doubt or confusion when the shooter dials, giving maximum confidence needed to win. Vertical range of adjustment: 35 Mils. The 50mm objective is a great compromise for low light optical performance and weight reduction, the scope is 12 oz lighter than the big brother G2. We make this new model with a 34mm tube, a large fast focus ocular and 11 position illumination rheostat. The reticle center dot illuminates and it has 0.1 MRAD click adjustments with perfectly sized knobs. All these features also make this model very attractive for hunting in difficult light conditions, in very rugged terrain and extreme temperatures. Take a look at other top shelf American and European brands and see how much you save with this one, while getting Superior glass and best precision mechanics!

4.5-28X50 34MM FFP MINI G2 MIL/MIL

R44 900,00Price

    MAGNIFICATION                                                                     4.5-28x50

    OBJECTIVE SIZE                                                                     50mm

    FIELD OF VIEW AT 100 YDS.                                                  23.2-4.5 FT.

    EXIT PUPIL                                                                              11.2mm to 1.78mm

    EYE RELIEF                                                                            3.85 inch

    DIOPTRICAL ADJUSTMENT                                                   -4 to +4 DPT.

    CLICK VALUE AT 100 METERS                                              0.1 MRAD (1 cm)

    RETICLE ADJUSTMENT RANGE                                           35 MRAD@100m 

    MINIMUM FOCUS                                                                   10 Yards

    TUBE DIAMETER                                                                    34 mm

    LENGTH                                                                                  13.45 inches

    WEIGHT                                                                                  30 oz.

    BATTERY                                                                                 2032       

    Optical glass supplied by Schott Glasswerke on all small internal lenses and Low dispersion glass from Ohara Glassworks 

    for the objective lenses.

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