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SKU: 6S21-620C629
R16 900,00Price
  • These watches were designed for using in different extreme activities – from deep diving to space explorations and have the following beneficial features:

    • A 49 mm stainless steel case, water resistant up to 300 meters.
    • An automatic helium release valve. It is integrated in the watch case spring-loaded one-way valve activated when the difference between the inner and the outside pressure reaches a critical level. This function is useful for commercial divers operating at great depths using diving bells with breathing gas mix inside.
    • An enhanced hardened 3.5 mm thick mineral K1 crystal
    • Variety of functions provides by different available movements – from clear 3-hand automatic and 1hour chrono-watches to complicate Perpetual calendar+24H-chrono+ Sound alarm movements.
    • Swiss-made tritium tubes mounted vertically of on the dial ring. Such position of tubes provides additionally advanced illumination of the time indication.
    • Custom leather and silicon straps interchangeable by just one screw driver.
    • An original construction heavy duty stainless steel buckle
    • The whole watch set packed into an original VE waterproof and shock-resistant plastic box, which can be used during extreme activities to keep valuable possessions safe.
  • Size: Ø 49mm x 17,5mm
    Movement: Miyota 6S21 Quartz


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